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        We Are Kaliber Global

        Kaliber Global is a premier brand collective located in Seattle, WA.

        Our BrandsContact Us

        Our Brands

        Since 2012, we’ve launched 4 unique brands delivering the latest in RC drones and cars, family toys, glow sticks, and lifestyle products to customers around the world.

        Products Launched
        Best Sellers in 2018
        5-Star Reviews
        Happy Customers

        Our Team

        FUN & FAMILY. Those aren’t words we use lightly. We’ve cultivated a culture of kindness and respect that keeps us connected in everything we do while having fun every day.

        Our Timeline

        We’ve come a long way since 2012. Here are some of our top highlights:

        • 07/2012

          Kaliber Global Founded

        • 09/2013

          First Full-Time Employee Hired

        • 11/2013

          First Best Seller Badge on Amazon

        • 02/2014

          First Office Opens

        • 08/2014

          PartySticks Launched

        • 09/2014

          USA Toyz Launched

        • 06/2015

          Office Expansion I

        • 02/2016

          Inaugural Prosper Award Winner

        • 05/2016

          Livin' Well Launched

        • 06/2016

          Force1 Launched

        • 11/2016

          Top Amazon Lightning Deal on Cyber Monday

        • 11/2016

          Set Daily Sales Record of $2.4M

        • 12/2016

          Achieved Top 150 Amazon Seller Status

        • 03/2017

          Office Expansion II

        • 08/2017

          PSBJ 6th Fastest Growing Eastside Company

        • 08/2017

          PSBJ 19th Largest Minority Owned Business

        • 08/2017

          #478 on 2017 INC. 500

        • 09/2017

          PSBJ 3rd Fastest Growing Minority Business

        • 10/2017

          PSBJ 7th Fastest Growing Private Company

        • 03/2018

          CEO Sanjay Chandiram is a featured VIP speaker
          at Prosper Show 2018

        • 03/2018

          PSBJ 17th Largest Minority Owned Business

        • 08/2018

          Crossed $100M Aggregate Sales

        • 11/2018

          50th Best Seller Badge on Amazon

        • 03/2019

          Brand Expansion into Brick & Mortar


        Want to join our team? We’re a close-knit bunch of sharp, hard-working people giving it their all to create something truly great. We’re always looking for:

        An Awesome Soul

        We all have something unique to bring to the table, and we’re always on the lookout for those who have the drive, passion, and personality to join our family of fun seekers.

        A True Collaborator

        We achieve our goals by always having each other’s backs, and we’re looking for new members who are ready to do the same. Sound like you?

        An Honest Goal-Getter

        Winning every day comes down to preparing, prioritizing, and being self-motivated to get the job done. If this is you – we want to connect!


        Our success always comes down to spreading the word far and wide, and we’re grateful for every media mention we’ve received.

        Some of our favorites:

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        Featured Product: Wall Climbing Cars
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        8 best sentimental gifts for Valentine’s Day

        Featured Product: Happy Hands Casting Kit
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        Best Toy Deals of Green Monday

        Featured Product: Vox Box Walkie Talkies
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        How to pick the perfect tech or gadget gift for Valentine’s Day

        Featured Product: F100 Ghost Drone
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        The Ultimate Gift Guide for a Video Lover

        Featured Product: U49W Blue Heron Drone
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        15 cool and unique tech gifts for kids that are also educational

        Featured Product: Scoot Hands-Free Drone
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        As Seen On


        As a family-owned business in Washington State, we’ve greatly enjoyed our partnership with several community-minded organizations over the years.

        We’re especially eager to partner with nonprofits and organizations that help kids in need. (We’re in the toy business, after all.) If this is you, please reach out - we’d love to learn more!

        Contact Us

        Are you interested in carrying our brands in your store?
        Think you have a cool product that fits in with our brands?
        Let’s connect!

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